POR FESR 2014-2020. Axis III - Action 3.4.1 "Aid for investments in machinery, plants and tangible assets and accompaniment of corporate reorganization and restructuring processes". INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT NOTICE 2019. INNOSAFE PROJECT (Cup I61B21003030007):


With the aim of reducing product waste (legumes and cereals), increasing their shelf life, increasing their freshness and also considerably expanding their production capacity, the company has made an innovative investment to implement a new packaging line in Doypack envelopes, products with resealable zips, with the aim of limiting product leakage as much as possible and keeping the fragrance unaltered.

The doypack is a type of packaging that has gained more and more success on the market, attracting more and more consumers.

The main marketing advantages also concern its structure that allows it to stand easily on the shelves, thanks to the "bellows" base so as to enhance its visibility on the shelf and also be able to over the entire surface.

It is a packaging system that combines product visibility with environmental sustainability, as the use of plastic is reduced by about 75% compared to the traditional rigid container. The savings, in terms of space, are also passed on to the logistical costs of both transport and warehouse. To better manage the process and ensure careful selection of products, eliminating false rejects and ensuring, upstream and downstream of the packaging process, the detection of dense contaminants, the line is integrated by a checkweigher and a ray system. X, optimize the verification procedures and guarantee the quality of the product and its perfect healthiness towards the final consumer.