The Mattioni Family

Nature is a family matter

The Mattioni family is at home in the Plateau, with a history in farming and selling the products of the land. It is Ivano, in 1984, who has the idea of founding a company to distribute everywhere in Italy the typical products of his territory, especially the local variety of lentils and potatoes. He chooses the name of his hometown for the new brand: Colfiorito.

The products are natural, packed without industrial elaboration, close to the values of the land in which they are grown. Thus, they begin to be placed in the fresh grocery area, setting a market standard which shaped the way these products are perceived in the Italian retail.


From these roots, the family company has grown to a system of skills, knowledge and care shared among over 100 people.

1984: Ivano Mattioni starts the business;
1992: the distribution widens to retail, with the products placed in the fresh grocery area;
2000: Luca Mattioni, the son of Ivano, enters the company business as Vice President;
2005: the Mattioni Estate is established in the family lands, becoming the centre of excellence for the reception and selection of all raw materials, both from local farmers and from all over the world;
2010: beginning of the cooperation with universities and research centres, starting from the University of Camerino;
2016: the International Year of Pulses is the occasion to start the cooperation with FAO;
2017: after a long testing, a new disinfestation system in autoclave is installed, allowing the process to occur with just pressure and CO2, without need for synthetic chemicals. It is the first time in Europe such a system is successfully applied on pulses;
2018: launch of a new concept in snacking using pulses flakes, broadening the possibility of consuming these precious ingredients anytime, anywhere;
2020: the circle of pulses throughout the day is fully completed with the development and launch of the Muesli.

Colfiorito plateau

The main ingredient


The company is born here in the Colfiorito Plateau, in the heart of the Appennine Mountains of central Italy. Here it maintains its deepest roots. Here stands our HQ and the Mattioni Estate, where we produce local specialties.

Here we select and check every day all the ingredients we receive from all over Italy and worldwide, to ensure they all have what it takes to be a Colfiorito brand product. Here we work in the middle of a unique ecosystem, inspiring everything we do.

Each ingredient, no matter its origin wherever in the world, must pass through Colfiorito, where we verify with over 100’000 yearly analysis and checks – but also though cooking test and tasting – that its quality is exactly what we demand here in Colfiorito.

quality and commitment

Small actions, making great differences

We cooperate with Universities, International Organizations and Research Centres to develop knowledge about pulses, cereals and seeds – but also to promote awareness on their nutritional benefits and sustainability advantages.

We treasure the trust of our consumer with a full commitment towards a transparent communication and an advanced quality system. We start from inspections held by our Agronomists directly on the growing fields all over the world. Then, we run over 100 thousand analysis and checks each year here, in our Colfiorito plant.


We also take the products from the market to ensure the performances are stable, from the packing to your table, always thinking about how we can further implement best practices in a continual improvement process.

We work every day on waste reduction and use of green practices or energy sources. For example, our plants are equipped with solar panels, allowing us to save over 340 tons of CO2 emission.

We cooperate with small farming enterprises, starting from Italy, ensuring agriculture is maintained and sustainable, promoting biodiversity and securing working places.

We always cooperate with local cultural and recreational activities, contributing to keep the welfare of our territory.


Colfiorito is a company grown from the dream of a person who started from zero, whose success is built on the passion of people and respect for the land of origin.


That same spirit led to the cooperation with FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The common objectives are to allow access to the market to small farmers anywhere economic conditions, social disadvantage and lack of access to know-how and resources are obstacles impossible for them to overcome. A peer-to-peer cooperation, a growth for everyone based on the creation of value, structured in 4 points:

creating opportunities for common activities to empower the trade in selected products coming from developing countries (advertising campaigns; promotion; publications);

cooperation to participate and support events, workshops, discussions and conferences;

cooperation with Universities and Research Institutes to develop scientific projects about pulses (new varieties, nutritional benefits, new ways of consumption, benefits for an healthier diet & lifestyle);

cooperation to develop the capabilities of small producers by sharing knowledge, know-how and experiences;


Our brands

A palette of infinite possibilities

A beauty for the eyes, a pleasure for the tongue and, even better, they are precious for the body: infinite combinations of shapes, colours and taste, free to use to create new dishes or change the routine. Dried salads, ready meals, soups, snacks, mixes – Colfiorito can always inspire your art of eating well.